Gadiant and the USC to create a “Digital Innovation Hub” for the galician agri-food sector

The presentation of this new initiative will take place the 6th of October, in USC’s facilities located in Lugo.
Gradiant and the University of Santiago de Compostela foster the creation of a Digital Innovation Hub for the galician agri-food sector, a key initiative to ensure the future of that industry in Galicia.
Gradiant seizes its insights and experiences gained from the privileged position that the center has, as chairman of the Working Group on Smart Farming and Food Security in the European Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI), to translate and transfer this technological rising trend to the reality of Galician primary sector.
The Digital Innovation Hub for the galician agri-food industry will allow, on the demand side, the confluence between the productive and the transforming sectors, open to the incorporation of technologies and services, adapted to their reality and; on the offer side, will allow the combination of both technology and services vendors, along with centers of knowledge and innovation, to develop market-oriented solutions.
This joint initiative of the USC and Gradiant aims to establish open and agile collaboration dynamics, in order to achieve a greater competitiveness in the agri-food sector, to expand business opportunities, and furthermore to increase the export potential of technology providers; plus generating new possibilities for the capitalization of the existing R&D knowledge in Galicia.
The implementation of an innovation hub for the digital food industry summarizes the key roles that agricultural production, livestock and food processing play in the economy as a whole. In addition, this initiative also contemplates two priorities already included in Smart Specialisation Strategy of Galicia (Galician RIS3).