EIP-AGRI workshop ‘Data Sharing: ensuring a fair sharing of digitisation benefits in agriculture’

Several factors may affect the internal and external sharing of data in the agri-food sector. Data ownership and privacy, division of added-value coming from data, market power [re]distribution by data access and control, are some of these factors and they are key aspects to creating an environment of trust.

The workshop will discuss the existing or potential arrangements, frameworks and pathways to enable effective, fair and valuable data sharing. Therefore, contributing to unlocking the potential the digital revolution holds for agriculture.

This workshop will be part of the stakeholder dialogue following the recently published Communication on Building a European Data Economy. The latter elaborates on the potential framework conditions that would unleash Europe’s data economy in a Digital Single Market, including the agriculture and its related sectors.

Fecha y hora: April 4th-5th 2017

Lugar: Bratislava, Slovakia

Enlace: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/en/content/eip-agri-workshop-data-sharing