Galician Digital Innovation Hub workshop

Initial Working Groups agreed will cover topics such as Intelligence and Trends, Bridging Supply and Demand, Research and Innovation, Plant production, Cattle & Dairy production, and Agrifood Industry. Gradiant and Campus Terra highlighted that this structure should be dynamic in order to evolve and adapt according to the needs and priorities identified along the implementation of the Hub.

The basis for the agreed structure has been the result of an initial poll circulated among over 50 entities and professionals that declared early interest in taking part of the activities of the Hub. Respondents included producers, cooperatives, professional associations, ICT companies, industrial clusters, technology centers and universities.

The working session held at the CiTIUS building in Santiago de Compostela, was chaired by Andrés Barreiro, Vice-rector of scientific and technology development at USC’s Lugo Campus as well as Gradiant’s Executive Director, Luis Pérez-Freire. Mr. Enrique Rohrer, representing the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) participated as invited speaker. The session was closed by USC’s Vice-rector, Javier Bueno Lema.

Fecha y hora: December 15th 2016

Lugar: Santiago de Compostela, Spain